The power of therapeutic writing and the act of forgiveness

The New Beginnings Journaling Project is about writing, creating self-acceptance and healing, taking action, and letting love in. When you back this campaign, you will be among the first to experience the power of therapeutic writing. Together, with thoughtful intention and a contribution, we can save lives. Donate, spread the word, and pray for the beginning of real clarity for all.



What you will learn with this journal…

  • Discovering the art of freewriting

  • Connecting with your emotions out of love and leaving negative judgement aside

  • Forgiveness and Acceptance

  • Accountability with Yourself

  • Self-Love

  • The start of a new life and a new beginning. 

With all my heart and soul, I believe that this path of therapeutic writing will be the beginning of new hope for many, especially those suffering in hard times and those living in the darkness of addiction.