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In a world full of noise and opinions, I wanted to create a self-knowledge tool. A personal moment, a possession of your own, a few minutes of silence daily, where you can find your own voice, express yourself freely and build yourself from within.


Whether you know full well what you are meant to do or find yourself insecure, this journal seeks to provoke thought and gratitude in order to find new insights that you will use in your own journey. With instructions and beautiful illustrations, these pages will encourage you to find what inspires you, appreciate every little moment in your day to day, thank your mentors and guides, and take the next step in your process of self-discovery and healing.

Editable version Journal New Beginnings English

  • The New Beginnings Journaling is about writing, creating, self-acceptance and healing to let love in. It has exercises that stimulate self-knowledge, resilience and gratitude. This Journal proposes a new way of thinking about our day. It is written as a guided manual to complete the self-reflection exercises suggested to question the emotions that are experienced every day.

    Book, 165 Pages

    Printed Book: (6 x 9 inches / 152 x 229 mm)

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